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Joe Wainer
Joe WainerUpdated 5 days ago

A free ideas app to boost creativity

Pinterest is the original virtual scrapbook app that organizes your ideas in a way you never could before. With billions of images and life hacks for any occasion, Pinterest has become one of the most popular sites on today's internet, and with no signs of slowing down soon. It’s available to download on your Android phone in the form of a dedicated app. 

Create and organize boards with images of things you like. To save an image, simply ‘pin’ it to your board, and that’s it. Write captions to explain the idea behind each board. Save recipes from around the web that looks tasty, DIY design ideas for your next project, and more. There are some similarities between Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. But it’s not a social media website. Instead, it focuses on creativity and idea generation.

Find your inspiration with Pinterest 

Pinterest is a treasure trove of inspiration for your next home improvement or weekend project, or vacation. You can browse through millions of images and videos from around the world to find that perfect idea you would never have thought of on your own. 

Just how big is Pinterest? Pinterest has more than 100 billion pins, with 250 million people using it every day to explore ideas. It's not just about weddings anymore or DIY projects. People are finding new ways to make Pinterest their go-to resource for advice, information, or tips for just about anything. 

Using the Pinterest Android app 

With a few clicks, you can have your own uniquely tailored Pinterest account fit for your interests. You just need an email address or Facebook/Google Account. Then answer some questions so the Pinterest app can generate the perfect feed for you.

With just a couple of clicks on any device, you'll be able to create your very own personalized profile where all the pins are about things that interest only you. It's an easy system that works effortlessly no matter what type of phone or tablet platform you’re using. 

The Pinterest desktop app has four main folders: your boards, pins, tries (to save pins you have actually tried and tested), and topics. You can also customize your profile by adding a photo, updating cover photos, or banner images on the top of each page.  

You can tweak the app's settings to change how often it refreshes while searching for new content, or join groups like cooking clubs where users upload recipes they've successfully created themselves. Additionally, you can contribute to the community by sharing tips with other members about your own expertise. 

Pinterest for businesses 

Pinterest is a great way to find customers for your product or business. Not only can you create and share pins with others, but you also have the option of creating an account explicitly dedicated to marketing/promoting products on Pinterest. 

For entrepreneurs and companies looking to reach new audiences or grow their customer base, a separate account can be created under 'Pinterest for Business' with an established company page (with limited personal content). Or find out what boards potential customers are searching, like furniture makers searching ‘home design’ so that when you pin something related, they'll see it.

Is the Pinterest Android app safe?

In the beginning, Pinterest was an online catalog of beautiful and inspiring ideas. The website had a simple interface that allowed users to pin their favorite images, blog posts, or articles onto their boards for easy access later on in the day. Nowadays, it’s challenging to distinguish between real posts and fake ones due to the increase in ads infiltrating feeds. As more and more marketers sign up to promote their products, many pins are simply advertisements for products instead of original content by other people who created them.

Security on Pinterest is pretty good with only a few hangups along the way. The login process does not require any financial information, and your account data will remain password-protected. Of course, this isn’t 100% foolproof because there are always ways for hackers (especially those who go after specific targets) to acquire user credentials. But overall, you won't have much issue browsing through various pins other than intrusive ads.

A haven for ideas 

Pinterest is a place where you can explore billions of ideas to turn your dreams into reality. If there's something in particular that you're curious about, Pinterest has the answer for it. From color-coordinating kitchen shelves and mastering spaghetti bolognese recipes, all the way to upgrading gamer rigs or touching up on butterfly makeup tutorials; Pinterest got all the answers for you.


  • Loads quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Robust search tool
  • Explore billions of ideas


  • May crash frequently
  • No pinch & zoom feature

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Pinterest APK for Android

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 10.33.0
  • 4.5
  • (772)
  • APK Status

User reviews about Pinterest

  • Helen Doherty

    by Helen Doherty

    I just love this app and it is so inspirational for all my ideas of life. From Helen Doherty


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