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Help & Info about Pinterest for windows

  • Is Pinterest free?

    Pinterest is a visual bookmarking service that is free for both individuals and businesses. As the platform’s ability to generate revenue is dependant on having a large user base, it’s unlikely that they will begin charging users to create accounts in the future.
  • Can Pinterest give you a virus?

    Pinterest is a highly reputable business, and use of their website is unlikely to give you a virus. However, it is possible to click on pins that lead to sites hosting malicious content, such as viruses or malware. Pinterest does not monitor the integrity of linked websites, so always be careful when leaving the main site. When using browser extensions to increase the site’s functionality, only download and install extensions from sites you trust.
  • What are boards?

    Boards are collections of pins organised into separate categories. Boards, which can be public or private, typically contain pins related to a particular theme. Pins can be organised within boards by adding “sections,” allowing you to group your pins by sub-category.
  • Can boards be reorganised?

    Both boards and the pins contained within the boards can be reorganised. To organise your boards, simply go to your main profile and drag and drop your boards into a new order.
  • Can boards be alphabetised?

    Pinterest does not offer the option to automatically sort boards alphabetically. There are unofficial browser extensions that may be able to alphabetise boards; however, these extensions are not endorsed by Pinterest and should be used with caution. Alternatively, you can manually organise your boards alphabetically by dragging and dropping them into the desired order.
  • Can Pinterest be private?

    While there is no way to make an account completely private, there are options to make your Pinterest account less visible to search engines. Users also have the ability to create secret boards; these boards are not visible to other users unless they are invited to access them.
  • What are Rich Pins?

    Rich Pins are pins enhanced with added information or functionality above that of normal pins. The types of Rich Pins currently available are App Pins, Article Pins, Product Pins, and Recipe Pins.
  • Does Pinterest use hashtags?

    Yes, like many other social media sites, Pinterest uses hashtags. Hashtags included in a pin’s description are clickable, while other hashtags – such as those in board titles, board descriptions, or account descriptions – are not. Users can search hashtags in the search bar to discover more pins and boards related to that topic.
  • What are impressions?

    The impression metric represents the number of times your pin has appeared in other users’ search results, home feeds, and category feeds; combined, they approximate the number of times your pin has been viewed. Impression data, which is only available when using a business account, can be accessed through the Pinterest Analytics section.
  • Can users see who views pins or boards?

    No, it is not possible to see who views pins or boards. Users with a business account are able to access more detailed information about their audience; however, that does not include the ability to see which users are viewing their pins or boards.


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